How I work

I also apply the coaching approach in the creation and implementation of training programs in the fields of leadership, sales and customer service.
My clients are large corporations, and I work with the largest educational companies in the world (Korn Ferry, MHG, AchieveForum, Miradorus and others).

At the same time, however, I am aware that even medium-sized and small companies and institutions in Slovakia deserve to know the world’s trends in human development. So I’m happy to lead them on the path to the best of what is happening in the world in terms of supporting people.



I believe that coaching is not only a powerful development tool that reveals the potential of the individual, but also a way of communication and an important Of the corporate culture of any organization. It is an amazing tool based on openness, sincerity and trust which leads to the discovery of the greatest strengths that lie within us.

Why should you choose my coaching services?

I am a professional coach certified according to the highest standards of the International Coaches Federation – ICF.

I have been coaching since 2007, so I have more than 14 years of experience. With 330 hours of special ICF accredited education and more than 1,000 hours of individual and team coaching, I am one of the most experienced coaches in Slovakia.

Since 2014, I have been a member of the ICF Slovak Charter Chapter – the Slovak branch of the largest and most influential organization that brings together professional coaches in the world – both in the role of vice president and, from 2018 to 2020, as president.


Trainings and consultations

"A caterpillar does not become a butterfly by going to flying lessons, but by evolving into a butterfly."

We train, discuss, solve and create – not theorize – in trainings. We train what works in practice. Therefore, these are training , not courses

Of course, we will outline the best practices. Why would we invent something that is credible and tested? However, the essence is what participants create and share with each other. Training skills in direct speech, particular situation.


Are you a leader or a manager? This is a frequently discussed question. Some prefer the more rational, logical, clearly planned approach of a manager, while others claim that an approach based on vision and trust is more important.

In order to be as effective as possible in leading our team, we must first of all get to know ourselves, be aware of our personality, the style of our leadership…
Leadership programs are focused on:


Business skills

In addition to long-established practices in conducting sales interviews, I mainly use the experience from the trader’s own practice; I focus on the practical side and skills in conducting sales interviews.

I am a creator and implementer of training programs for local companies as well as large corporations:

Sales skills, Disinterest and objection, Salesperson personality, Sales team management, Sales team coaching, Negotiation, Strategic sales, How to be successful at a trade fair, Complaints handling…

These are all topics that even experienced and successful traders will always bring up including the “Ten Mistakes That Traders Make” that I have created based on my own practice, experience, and observations during training.

Because I work with large corporations, my goal is always to follow the latest trends in the business. The trainings I lead are based on thorough research in order to predict customer behavior based on a very fast and dynamically changing global economy, not only in terms of market development or in terms of products and supplier-customer relationships, but also in terms of, e.g., changing technologies, urbanization and demographic development.

Customer service

What does the customer expect? How does he rate us and our services or products? What influences his decisions?

We will answer these and similar questions together in tailor-made training programs, dealing with the specific situations of a specific customer:

The biggest benefit for training participants is the connection of my theoretical knowledge with practice and countless case studies from my own experience. The participants especially appreciate the interactive approach, whereby the participants actively participate in the overall course of the program and the informal, friendly atmosphere during the trainings.


“A caterpillar does not become a butterfly by going to flying lessons, but by evolving into a butterfly."

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