About me

Erika Falťanová

I am an internationally certified coach and trainer and a founding partner of RS Management, s.r.o.

I have an economic education in management. I possess extensive experience from working in manufacturing and trading companies, with whom I still deal with to this day.

Creation of educational programs

I do this professionally, and I hold certificates from several large foreign educational companies.


As a professional coach, I use my 14 years of experience in coaching comprehensively, meaning that I use coaching not only as a tool for individual development but also as a way of communication and development for companies and society as a whole.


My experience as the business director of an educational company (1997–2001) serves a good basis in creating business and interpersonal relationships both in my own practice and in the creation and implementation of training programs in the field of business and negotiation skills.


I have also applied my experience as an independent organizational and economic consultant since 1994.

My experiences in numbers

Since 2014, I have been a member of the ICF Slovak Charter Council – the Slovak branch of the largest and most influential organization that brings together professional coaches in the world.
In the years 2018 – 2020 I worked as a president, partly vice-president of the ICF Slovak Charter Chapter and I am one of the most experienced coaches in Slovakia.

professional organizations of which I am a member
years of experience
educational programs created
hours of special accredited ICF education
hours individual and team coaching
sales representatives trained


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